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Notifications/Prior Authorizations
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Are admission and discharge dates required?
Are we required to report discharge dates?
If UnitedHealthcare is secondary for an individual with Medicare, is notification required?
If UnitedHealthcare is secondary for an individual with any other carrier, is notification required?
Should we submit a new notification/prior authorization if there is a change in the level of care?
Sometime when I call Care Coordination I am given a Case ID Number. What is this number?
To whom are Confirmation Letters addressed?
What are the notification/prior authorization timeframe requirements?
What are the timeframes for entering a notification/prior authorization online?
What happens if the individual is admitted over the weekend or a holiday?
What is Care Coordination?
What is a Notification/Prior Authorization?
What is the benefit of using online notifications/prior authorizations?
What is the difference between a Notification/Prior Authorization and a predetermination?
What is the notification/prior authorization number?
What maternity admissions require notification/prior authorization?
What required services can be submitted online?
What services cannot be submitted online?
What should we use as the admission date if the individual is admitted after the outpatient surgery or observation?
When are treating physicians or health care professionals required to contact Care Coordination?
When is the customer (member or Physician/Facility) required to contact Care Coordination?
Where can I get help with online notifications/prior authorization?