Premium Reconsideration

Making sure that the information used to calculate your program assessment is accurate - and correcting that information if you think it can be clarified - is extremely important. To that end, the Premium reconsideration process provides you or your delegates with an opportunity to request a change to information which may have an impact on a Premium program designation assessment.

If applicable, any changes to your designation will be updated on our websites once the reconsideration is complete. We will announce a final date for submitting reconsideration on our website at least a month in advance of the final date.

To initiate a reconsideration request - or for more details on requesting reconsideration - go to Request Reconsideration. You also may check your Reconsideration Status and view Reconsideration Resources, which include, Frequently Asked Questions and a step-by-step Reconsideration How-To Guide at any time.