Pharmacy Resources

Total health care approach
We make pharmacy decisions based on an understanding of how our decisions impact total health care. We do this by integrating pharmacy with medical management, using a database of pharmacy, medical and laboratory data, and applying pharmacoeconomic information to our pharmacy decisions and programs. We uniquely have access to real world insights on how drugs perform and impact overall health care.

Evidence-based care
Pharmacy is the most used benefit. Our goal is to lower overall health care costs, while providing members with wide-ranging, affordable medication choices. Therefore, we review economic, clinical and pharmacoeconomic evidence when developing our prescription drug list (PDL) and clinical programs. This evidence helps us determine a medication's overall value relative to other medications in its class, which is an insight necessary to effectively manage overall cost and care.

Member engagement
Our personalized member engagement strategies are designed to make health care work better for members. When provided with the right resources, a member is empowered to discuss their options with their physicians and make more educated decisions.

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