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Reimbursement Policies
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Add-on Policy 
After Hours and Weekend Care Policy 
Ambulance Policy 
Anesthesia Policy 
Assistant Surgeon Policy 
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B Bundle Codes Policy 
Bilateral Procedures Policy 
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CCI Editing Policy 
Care Plan Oversight Policy 
Co-Surgeon / Team Surgeon Policy 
Contrast and Radiopharmaceutical Materials Policy 
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Discontinued Procedure Policy 
Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotics and Prosthetics Multiple Frequency Policy 
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From - To Date Policy 
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Global Days Policy 
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Inappropriate Primary Diagnosis Codes Policy 
Increased Procedural Services Policy 
Injection and Infusion Services Policy 
Inpatient Consultation Policy 
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Laboratory Services Policy 
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Maximum Frequency Per Day Policy 
Microsurgery Policy 
Moderate Sedation Policy 
Modifier Reference Policy 
Modifier SU 
Multiple Procedure Policy 
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New Patient Visit Policy 
Nonphysician Health Care Codes Policy 
Nonphysician Health Care Professionals Billing Evaluation and Management Codes Policy 
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Observation Care Evaluation and Management Codes Policy 
Obstetrical Policy 
Once in a Lifetime Procedures Policy 
One or More Sessions Policy 
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Pediatric and Neonatal Critical and Intensive Care Services Policy 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Maximum Combined Frequency Per Day Policy 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Multiple Therapy Procedure Reduction Policy 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: PT, OT and Evaluation & Management Policy 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Speech Therapy Policy 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Supervised Modalities Policy 
Preventive Medicine and Screening Policy 
Procedure and Place of Service Policy 
Procedure to Modifier Policy 
Professional/Technical Component Policy 
Prolonged Services Policy 
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Radiology Multiple Imaging Reduction Policy 
Rebundling Policy 
Reduced Services Policy 
Robotic Assisted Surgery Policy 
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Same Day/Same Service Policy 
Services and Modifiers not Reimbursable to Healthcare Professionals 
Split Surgical Package Policy 
Standby Services Policy 
Supply Policy 
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T Status Codes Policy 
Telemedicine Policy 
Time Span Codes Policy 
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Urgent Care Policy 
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Wrong Surgical or Other Invasive Procedures Policy (Applicable to Facility and Professional Services) 
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