Claim Reconsideration Request

When you submit a claim reconsideration request, we review how we processed the claim and check to see if your provider information and contract are set up correctly in our system. A claim reconsideration request is typically the quickest way to address any concern you have about whether a claim was paid correctly.

You can submit a claim reconsideration request electronically or by mail.

  1. Submit an electronic claim reconsideration request using the claimsLink app on Link (preferred method). With the claimsLink app, you can:
    • Search for members and paid or denied claims
    • Receive instant printable confirmation of completed claims reconsideration requests
    • Get real-time status updates and comments for each submission
    • Update and resubmit requests with additional information
    • View the history of all submitted reconsideration requests

To access the claimsLink app on Link, please sign in to using your Optum ID. Learn more about Link.

   2.  Submit a paper claim reconsideration request. 

Complete the Claim Reconsideration Form in the following Tools & Resources section, and mail it to us as follows:

  • UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealthcare West: If your Claim Reconsideration Request is for a UnitedHealthcare Commercial or UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions member, please send your request to the address on the Explanation of Benefits or the Provider Remittance Advice, or to the claim address on the back of the member's ID card.
  • UnitedHealthcare Empire Plan: Send your request to:
    P.O. Box 1600
    Kingston, NY 12402-1600

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: Send your request to the address listed here.