Notifications/Prior Authorizations
Notification Submission & Status

Notification Submission/Prior Authorization lets you verify eligibility and submit initial inpatient hospital and outpatient surgery notifications/prior authorization, as well as obtain reference numbers for notifications/prior authorization submitted by others.
Notification Status/Prior Authorization
 lets you review records and check requirements.

Secure Email Toolkit 
Referral Submission & Status

Referral Submission lets you submit referrals for claims processing.

Referral Status lets you verify the status of a previously submitted referral, regardless of how the referral was submitted.

Although effective immediately upon submission, a referral to a specialist is not viewable online for 48 hours.

Notification/Prior Authorization Submission & Status for Other Programs

Notification/Prior Authorization may be required for other services. Please visit these pages for further information on Radiology (Advanced Outpatient Imaging), Cardiology and Oncology (Medicare Advantage Therapeutic Radiation and Injectable Chemotherapy (Florida Providers)) Notifications/Prior Authorization.